Arbitrary Divide Series

The concept of borders divides humanity unfairly and randomly by location, each nation saying that rights can only be extended

Bomba Cultural (Trinity)

Bomba Cultural (Trinity) combines imagery of indigeneity, religion, and violence to conflate the roles of religion and colonia


Drawing on symbols of indigeneity, Pachamaria (La Virgen de Cuzco) outlines the troubled relationship between religion, identi

Sounds of Revolt (BRRRA!!!)

Sounds of Revolt (BRRRA!!!) invites the viewer to imagine the new revolution. Through references to indigeneity and hip hop cu


Holy/Holey, Acrylic, Silicone, Intaglio on found paper, 2016

Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet uses religious and physical symbolism to suggest to the viewer the totemic power of the materials that comprise i

Scar Tissue Series

Scar Tissue evokes both tattoos and freshly healed wounds. The viewer is presented with a reality of the racial dynamics of th

Self Portrait (Rejoice)

Self Portrait (Rejoice) invokes a wide variety of imagery, ranging from Andean religious traditions to fantastic doodles, resu

Self-Portrait (Required Reading)

Self Portrait (Required Reading) is an exploration of a self-portrait imagined in a context removed from the reality in which

Mending Wall

Constructed as part of the University City Sculpture Series. Taking its title from the Robert Frost poem of the same name, Men

Self-Portrait (Assemblage)

Self-Portrait (Assemblage) is an alternative exploration of self-portraiture. By employing the social theory of assemblage, th

De Colores Series

De Colores references childhood, prayer, identity and fear through the use of repetition and layering. Ultimately, this forms

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Home series

Home is an autobiographical series. Each photograph depicts the site of a moment of collision of identity in the life of the a

Ode to Tupac Katari

Ode to Tupac Katari is a memorial to the victims of state violence in the United States and Mexico. Through the use of a polis

Indifference Series

The Indifference Series references the names of the 8 undocumented immigrants who died in detention in the year immediately fo